Things on Net supports the use of technology for business operators, launches a free 90-day IoT solution campaign

Things on Net supports the use of technology for business operators, launches a free 90-day IoT solution campaign

BANGKOK - 17 February 2021 - Things on Net launched an integrated IoT solution for temperature and humidity detection called Environmental Monitoring Solution: Temperature & Humidity system with 'Temphawk' intelligent sensor, together with a campaign offering a ninety-day free IoT solution pack to help entrepreneurs in the business sector.

Pavin Vorapruck, Chief Executive Officer of Things on Net Co., Ltd. said the change of temperature and humidity poses a real problem in operational process causing enormous damages to goods and productivity of various business industries. The IoT solution with intelligent sensors will play a key role to help entrepreneurs deal with this issue effectively.

“Temperature and humidity monitoring and control is an essential factor to all industry clusters including retail, transport and logistics, Industrial factories and warehouses, agriculture and livestock, and healthcare facilities. IoT solution will track, trace and capture relevant data at every operation stage from upstream to downstream. Utilizing the solution with ‘Temphawk’ smart sensor in the Cold Chain Monitoring offers users for the comfort of an office to perform monitoring from anywhere, anytime with an alert system to warn when an abnormality occurs. Traceability data is systematically and securely stored for further analyzed and future development.”

‘Temphawk’ intelligent sensor device equipped with IoT solution - Environmental Monitoring Solution: Temperature & Humidity is fully integrated with Sigfox network capabilities, an LPWAN technology covering 72 countries worldwide. It gives users the freedom to do temperature and humidity monitoring from anywhere, at any time on a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Smart sensors are compact, convenient to use, easy to install and wireless and capable to measure and control the temperature in the range from -40 to 125 0C and 0 – 100% relative humidity. Certified that these intelligent devices are suitable for use in foods, Hospital and pharmaceutical industry as well as greenhouse farming, agricultural area, livestock farming, cargo and warehouse, shopping mall and supermarket shelf, medical supply storage and restaurant cold storage. Temperature and humidity monitoring is an important factor in the control of cooling level for fresh, chilled and frozen food and products. And it helps to reduce deterioration and food waste, and maintain the original quality of pharmaceutical products and the fresh taste of food.

The environmental IoT solution for mass monitoring: - Temperature & Humidity system with ‘Temphawk’ intelligent sensor features a remarkable performance and accuracy in detecting temperature and humidity changes with data reading reports at every 10 minutes and push notification alert. The device is designed for low power consumption, rechargeable battery with long service life up to 5 years which help reduce operating costs.

Pavin affirmed that to help support business industries during Covid-19 pandemic, Things on Net worked out this special campaign to offer opportunities to entrepreneurs in various business sectors to test and trial the IoT solution pack consisting of the Environmental Monitoring Solution: Temperature & Humidity system with 'Temphawk' smart sensor free for a period of 90 days. This campaign opens for applications until 31 March 2021.

“Things on Net, as a trusted IoT solutions provider with world-leading communications, has a firm commitment to helping and developing the technology for the community. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, where the business sector is facing uncertainty, we are here to support business sector which is an important foundation contributing to the strength and sustainable growth of the national economy."

For those who are interested in this campaign, please contact 02-157-9499.

About Things on Net Co., Ltd.

Things on Net Co., Ltd., a trusted IoT solutions provider with world-leading communications technology, offers turnkey platforms and solutions ranging from consumer and enterprise to manufacturing and industrial IoT applications. Its services include consulting, strategic planning and research and development, as well as designing sensor devices. Things on Net’s worldwide expertise and network will enhance the country’s sustainable development for the community and environment.

Things on Net is the exclusive Sigfox operator in Thailand that delivers LPWAN low-power wireless networks for organizations in 72 countries.

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