Things on Net Co., Ltd. launched “Sigfox 0G Network dedicated to IoT”

Things on Net Co., Ltd. launched “Sigfox 0G Network dedicated to IoT”

The first world-class IoT communication technology network in Thailand, Providing integrated solution and create an ecosystem for the Thai IoT market Things on Net Co., Ltd. plans to penetrate the Thai IoT market after obtaining an exclusive right as the sole Sigfox operator in Thailand. The firm provides the world’s leading communication technology that can globally distribute signal for organizations with coverage of more than 65 countries, covering more than one billion of world population. The company aims to create a sustainable ecosystem for the IoT market in Thailand.

MR. PRAPAN ASVAPLUNGPROHM, Chief Executive Officer of Things on Net Co., Ltd., revealed that the company was chosen as the sole operator of Sigfox, the company that creates the network dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT). Established in 2010, Sigfox raised over a 300-million-euros fund in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Its low-power network system allows remote connectivity and continuous small messages sent among IoT devices. Thanks to energy-efficiency, long-life battery, these devices hardly need the maintenance. When devices are taken abroad, the automatic roaming system will connect them with Sigfox signals in different countries around the world.

Things on Net Co., Ltd. sets goals and strategy to approach IoT users and expects to ramp up the network base stations in more than 1,400 locations by 2020.

With a benefit of the country's social and economic progress in mind, the network is designed to be simple but highly efficient. Those who are interested in Sigfox 0G network, be it consumers, public and private sectors, system designers, developers, and system integrators, may contact Things on Net Co., Ltd. Our teams are ready to provide a whole range of service support and information,” concluded Mr. Prapan.

“Sigfox is delighted to welcome Things on Net into the broader global Sigfox community and as our exclusive partner in Thailand. They are joining our partners in over 65 other countries now served by the global Sigfox 0G network. We look forward to working with Things on Net in delivering the full value of Sigfox to this market and expanding beyond” said Mr. Roswell Wolff, President of Sigfox Asia Pacific.

“Thailand has one of the region’s highest levels of digital investment, setting a pace to be matched across Asia. Thailand 4.0 is being embraced across industries and users alike, creating demand for exactly the massive IoT services Things on Net and Sigfox offer“ Wolff said. “In addition, with its key location between China, the region and global transportation hubs, we consider Thailand to be a key market for Sigfox, our partners, and our customers”.

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